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Mortality - HP fic-ness

Title: Mortality
Fandom: HP
Notes: Inspired by HC's RPG, A Beginning, A Prophecy, A War and the opera Don Giovanni.

The shining blade pierced through soft flesh, issuing a fountain of warm blood from his chest. As his assaliant drew back his sword, the name on the metal glittered in the torchlight - Godric Gryffindor.

His own weapon slipped from his trembling fingers and fell to the marble floor. Yielding to agony, he dropped to his knees, defeated at last. Godric spoke to him, but the words dissolved into a roar of dreadful cries, and his image morphed into a most grotesque figure.

Recoiling in horror, he shaded his eyes from the brilliant vision. Illuminated by re fire that stretched upward and seemed to have no end, stood a simple Muggle. Clothed in common dress and covered in grime, he observed the dying man with slight amusement. Shrieks of anguish and manical laughter echoed throughout the chamber.

The fearless wizard crawled backwards on his hands and knees like a dog, shaking in the presence of his nightmare. Chortling good-naturedly, the Muggle grabbed his shoulder roughly and jerked him around. For a single moment, the two beings looked into the eyes of the other and saw the committed sins. In the light blue eyes of the Muggle appeared the victioms, staring out at the accused stoically. The wizard shrank back and cried, weakly protesting against the charges.

Taking no interest in his please, the Muggle grabbed his slender hand and pulled him to his feet. Slowly, he walked into the fire, terrified by the writhing creatures howling on the ground and tugging at their iron chains. His handsome face was distorted with fear, twisted up as he faced the vindictive guide. The Muggle merely smiled at him as he led Salazar Slytherin into hell.
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