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Cube of Delusion, part four.

"So how many times did you have to kiss her ass?" Brandon inquired, his voice curious, but his blue eyes disappointed.

Josh rose an eyebrow as he said, "What are you talking about?"

"I heard you were back with Fe."

He shrugged. "Doesn't mean there was any ass kissing."

Unbelieving, Brandon rolled his eyes. "Why are you even with her, man?"

Josh's eyes narrowed moodily. "Because I like her," he snapped. And then he began walking toward his car, a slight angry stomp in his step.



Fe spun around on the Home Depot style hardwood floor. In seeing who had called, she said sourly, "Yeah?"

He pursed his lips defensively. "Josh is on the phone. He wants to talk to you."

She studied Brandon's grave expression. "Why didn't he just call my cell?"

His irises wheeled floatily around the edges of his eyes in exasperated anger. "I don't fucking know. Just come on," he anunciated sharply.

"Fine! Where's the phone?" she asked, defeat obliterating her rebel.

"This way," he said, turning around and laying a guiding hand on her shoulder. As he did so, she shuddered and turned her body slightly to shrug him off and make his hand pass her by. Once they had walked down the length of the hall, they halted in front of a couple of swing-shut doors. "You going in?" she asked him, wondering what his problem was now.

Brandon sucked in a breath of air uneasily, and blew it out shakily. "'Course," he said, giving way to his newly unmasked slurred voice, and pushed the doors open just enough to reveal Brie sitting at the kitchen table, an arrangement of spoon-like tools and needles in front of her, a blue cordless phone pressed up to her ear.

Fe stopped in her tracks and stared at Brie, her eyes frozen in alerted horror. She tucked a lock of copper red curls behind her ear nervously. "What's she doing here?" she asked breathlessly.

Brandon grinned. "Brie's my sister. Totally harmless, nothing to worry about."

"I think you're lying," Fe said coldly, her sense of the possible danger ahead going haywire, "if he wanted to talk to me, he'd have called me and not her." She turned, attempting to create an out, and continue down the hall. Brandon shook his head and wrapped a surprisingly powerful arm around her shoulders, his other hand clamping tightly over her mouth as she screamed.

"No one can hear you, Fe," Brie stated calmly and sweetly as she got up and moved one of the chairs that matched the table out enough for Brandon to set her down. Brie ended her act and placed the receiver on the table. She grabbed a long white rope and watched as Fe kicked dead air futilely.

Brandon slammed Fe down hard on the wooden chair and Brie began circling the chair, like a vulture in the desert, roping her to the back of the chair.

Brandon's restraining hand over Fe's mouth loosened considerably, to help Brie knot the rope over her chest, Fe's teeth chomped down, biting him. "Sonofa!" he yelled, quickly stopping himself and slapping her across the face with his injured hand. "Give me that," he said, taking Brie's poorly-made knot from her and tightening it.

"Help!" Fe squealed, and Brandon cut the end of the rope off with a sharp utility knife he found on the table beside them and forced it through her mouth. He swiftly walked behind her and tied it up, a makeshift gag. He glanced down at his scarlet hand and back at the reflection on Fe's face. "You're bleeding, Fe," he said, glaring. She mumbled something through the rope that sounded like, "It's not mine."

Brie skipped over to the counter and pulled out the drawer specified for junk; she grabbed a thick blue rubber band and snatched the goldenrod-handled scissors that were also in the drawer. "La-ha," she said, snipping the blue band.

Fe started struggling with a bigger intensity. She tried kicking Brandon when he strategically used extra rope to tie down her legs, but to no avail; he was stronger.

"Hey," Brie called out, and when Brandon turned, she pulled back an end of the rubber band and it flung across the table, snapping him squarely in the forehead.

He flinched, and said nothing, just bent to pick it up.

Brie lifted up a transparent ziplock bag filled with white powder. It was still open from a previous trip. She scooped a large amount in her deep copper spoon with safety plastic embedded in the top and bottom of the flat handle. She held it up in front of her face and pushed down the lever on her purple lighter, igniting the chemical flame underneath the spoon.

After a short time of burning the powder, Brie set the still lighter down on the wooden table and took a syringe. "Yeah, I...can't do this one-handed," she said, cueing Brandon. He sighed and walked around to help her with yet another task, for he was already finished tying the rubber band around Fe's upper arm. He snatched the syringe from her and glided the stopper, making it suck up the liquid in the spoon. "Let's hope this is enough, Fe," he mocked the squirming girl a few steps away.

Brie hopped out of her seat and hopped her way to the stainless steel sink. She turned the hot water knob and rinsed the spoon out as Brandon strolled toward Fe, his face set in an apathetic, glazed-over expression.

Fe glared back at him icily, a caged animal. He reached out and clasped her forearm. Her arm wilted back from him and he gripped it tighter. "Sorry," he whispered, just loud enough for her to hear. He held her arm still, even under her great resistance, and pricked the inside of her elbow with the needle. Several seconds after complete injection, her arm went limp and her eyes widened and dialated as her head slightly lolled to the side.

"That's a good girl, Fe," Brandon muttered as he sliced the rope that gagged her. It fell free, and he repeated the cutting with his utility knive on her other remaining bounds.

Brandon bit his lip and stared at her crumpled form. He turned, back at the ever-expectant Brie. "Do--d'you think it's just enough? I mean, look at her..."

Brie shook her head. "He needs a reason."

"Her being an addict isn't one?"

"No! It's not!" Brie's face flushed red with anger. "Just do it!"

Brandon frowned and in one fluid motion, he hoisted Fe up in his arms and was out the swing doors. He let her walk freely; "Come on," he murmured as she slid and stumbled on the slick wood floor. Before she realized she was even out of the kitchen, they had reached the room over-infested with dancing drunken people and loud bassy music. Fe grinned through sight of the purply flashing strobe lights. Brandon paid no attention to her giggling; he tunnelled through the mass of sweaty, over-sexed flesh and didn't stop to look back as they made it to the stairs. Some people rose their eyebrows. Others stared in peculiarity. Others ignored them all together.

Brandon stopped with Fe in tow, and she collided with him. She then lay draped over the white-carpeted floor, a wacked-out smile on her face and her eyes out of focus. Her breaths were uneven and shallow. Brandon sighed and picked her up, like a dead thing, and slung her over his shoulder.

Brandon tore open the beige door to his bedroom. A pair of identical giggling silenced as the doorknob hit the wall on the other side. Three heads popped out of the purple and green Ninja Turtle bedspread and sheets. The two Asian twin girls grinned devilishly. After a moment of quiet, excluding the music, Brandon said, "Okay, Allie-chan and Allie-ching," he paused, "other guy, you have about ten seconds to get your clothes on and get out."

Brandon turned around as the sisters pouted and threw their clothes on, and suddenly spun when one of them tapped him on the shoulder from behind. It was the girl that had the short layered black hair. Her fuscia lipstick was smeared and worn on her smirk, and her hair was a flippy mess around her face and ears. "The Ninja Turtles?" she laughed and walked out the door beside him. The redhead guy with green eyes had an eyebrow raised as he followed her. And lastly, but not leastly, the twin with the longer layered hair to her shoulders came. She smiled reassuringly, and put a comforting hand on his vacant shoulder. "Donatello always rocked. He's so smart!"

Brandon nodded, silently wishing that they'd all get a move on. As soon as they had cleared the hall, he threw Fe on the bed with the Ninja Turtle sheets, and slammed the door shut. He turned a silver shiny new lock, and slipped his dark green cargo pants off his hips and legs. He sneered at Fe, more anger, jealousy, and act, rather than smugness. "If you'd have gotten the hint, and left him alone, you'd be fine now, off getting drunk and getting laid with some other guy. But no, you just couldn't," he stopped at realizing that she wasn't listening. He eyed her indigo sundress in the dim light, and stalked across the floor to the bed. In one fluid motion, he had climbed onto it, and his legs were straddling her. Fe turned her head in his direction, sluggishly, like a swivel, and his position registered in her mind. She raised a hand and tried to move herself out from under him, but he elevated his own and slapped it away. With the same striking tool, he groped around the hem of her dress and it slid up. "No," her voice moaned as he slashed her panties with his fingers and tossed them to the floor. He noted that they were flamingo pink.

Brandon sighed and inched his body up, gently crushing hers. Slowly, rhythmically, purposely, and harshly, he launched himself upon her. Half-numbed surges of pain radiated throughout her body in waves corresponding to the source. Fe cried out as far as her weak voice could carry. Brandon placed his palms on her chest above her breasts and put more pressure upon her stomach with his caving abdomen, and he was more rapid and cruel. For support, his powerful hands rubbed her skin roughly, till they reached her shoulders and collar bones. He gripped them tightly and ignored Fe's protests. With every rock and wrack on her body, Fe let the tears come.

Back downstairs, Josh turned the knob and walked through the door, knocking some guy over onto the hardwood floor. "Sorry," he grunted, realizing the state of him--tripping out on some sort of hardcore drug with his eyes bugged out. He bent down, and pulled the wobbly man to his feet by his wrist, only to let him sag to the wall. "Ookay," he said, and slammed the front door closed.

"Hey, Brie," he called over the loud music. The blond continued to dance close to a boy who didn't seem to know what he was doing. "Brie!" he attempted, louder this time. Finally, she paid her due to him, but only halfway, for her attention was wavering. She looked his way and grinned, "Hey, Josh," but still continued to dance.

"Can you tell me where Fe is?" he shouted. Brie actually stopped her ritual, and the boy, too. As she told him something in his ear, he laughed and danced his way, alone and confident, through the loosened crowd. Brie came closer to Josh, her expression odd.

"I thought you two were through..," she said, quizically.

He elaborated, "Just a misunderstanding."

She nodded, "So does she do that often?"

Josh had started scanning the crowd for a glimpse of her face or a flash of her dark red hair. "What's that?" he asked, still looking.


He paused, and looked Brie in the eyes. "No. It was partly my fault, too." He looked some more, into the far and dark corners, on the staircase, and near the alcohol table.

Brie squinted at him, "I heard about what happened. And if you ask me, she was pretty cruel, saying something like that in front of everyone. Especially when my brother was just being an ass and you had nothing to do with it."

Sensing her to be too close to him, he said, "Yeah; you mind backin' off a little bit?" and he uncomfortably shifted a foot away from her, and she snatched up his hand. He tugged it back, but she held on, like a hooked fish, and scrunched his knuckles into a fist, exempting his pointer finger, and pointed it up the stairs. "I saw Fe go upstairs with my brother. She looked awfully happy. You might want to look in Brandon's room first, they're probably in there."

Josh bit his lip, nervous and somewhat unwillingly jealous. "Are you sure he wasn't just showing her the bathroom?"

Brie shook her head and smiled wistfully at him, a knowing look in her face. "Just go see," she said, and walked away, to the hall leading toward the kitchen.

Ready to prove Brie wrong, Josh took in a deep breath and bounded through the people and up the stairs, quickly, as if in an army-like obstacle course. Once at the door, he tried the knob and noticed it locked. He knocked, as loud as he could, and curiosity overcame his mind, taking over every little bit of body, and he rammed the door open with his shoulder. Inside, he rubbed his elbow, shocked at the sight of his best friend on top of his girlfriend. Frozen in a set pose, his jaw locked and his eyes blazing. After a moment of neither of them noticing him, he sprang forward and lifted Brandon out of the bed, rolling him onto the other side of it. He scooped Fe up in his arms and dropped her on the floor in the corner of the room, in a pile of week-old dirty clothes. Brandon leaped to his feet and walked around his Ninja-clad bed.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Josh yelled at the top of his lungs, and swung his tightly clenched fist into Brandon's nose, a subtle cracking noise sounding.

Fe drooped over the pile of smelly tee shirts and jeans, bloody tears flowing from her eyes. It took every effort to fill her lungs with air and to blink. Her heart raced, sweat gathering in thousands of pore-sized pools on her skin.

"Fuck you!" Brandon screamed in return, his nose spraying his face crimson. "But you should know, asshole, that at first, her screams of pain turned to pleasure!"

About to take another shot, Josh suddenly stopped, and turned around, to face Fe, and seek the truth as to why she betrayed him so. "Fe," he said, kneeling down, next to her, and grimacing at the blood. He stared in her unfocused, red eyes. Afraid for her, he propped her up, on his knee, so her neck could be erect. "Fe, baby," he whispered to her, only getting a light moan from the back of her throat in response. He stood her up, to try and see if she could walk, his arm around her, protectively, his mind far away from Brandon, who had sneaked out of the room and down the stairs. Unstable, she fell to the floor, her body shaking uncontrollably. The rapid quakes in her back, neck, arms, and legs, frightened Josh, and he groped around in his pockets for his cell.
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